Eco-Friendly Yard Waste Removal

Since our beginning 10 years ago, Junkman has been doing yard clean ups. We do branch removal, sod removal, dirt removal, mulch removal, etc. All you have to do is point to the pile of debris. Then our 2 man crews will load the yard waste into one of our trucks and haul it away. We rake and/or sweep up any leftover debris so you can reclaim your backyard! And Junkman has various recycling contacts around Denver so that a lot of yard debris can be recycled! For example, there are companies in Denver which recycle branches, sod, bushes, clean concrete, clean dirt, rock and metal.

Also, if you are putting in a new fence or deck, Junkman will haul away the old one. We do a lot of deck removal and fence removal jobs during the spring and summer months. Again all you have to do is point to the fencing or decking debris and we will load it and haul it away.

Here is a list of the common types of yard debris Junkman hauls away:

  • branches
  • limbs
  • stumps
  • trees
  • juniper bushes
  • shrubs
  • river rock
  • landscaping rock
  • railroad ties
  • dirt
  • concrete
  • firewood
  • lumber
  • fencing
  • decking
  • mulch
  • compost
  • dog houses
  • hot tubs
  • patio furniture
  • swing sets
  • jungle gyms