Computer Recycling

It seems like computers are considered obsolete before you even get them out of the box. But that doesn’t matter because you are still really excited about your shiny, new Mac! Now you just  need to responsibly dispose of your old CRT and CPU. You know that you shouldn’t just throw them in the trash. This is correct because some computer components contain toxic chemicals like lead and mercury that can eventually get into our environment.

Call Junkman to responsibly recycle your computer. From big bulky monitors to old fax machines and copiers, we will haul away all of your ewaste. You just point to your unwanted electronics and our professional, clean-cut crews will load the items into one of our trucks from anywhere on your property.

After Junkman completes your computer removal/haul away, we drop them off at Metech (formerly GRX). Metech takes pride in recycling all e-waste responsibly. Click here to learn more about Metech and the importance of recycling TVs, computers, and general e-waste.