How Junkman Makes Junk Removal Effortless In Denver

Call Junkman to haul away your unwanted stuff. From the initial call to your Junk-Free Zone, you will be impressed with the friendly and professional service which Junkman provides.

As we continually strive for the standards reserved for superheroes, all of our clean-cut Junkmen are committed to excellence in customer service.

Always hardworking and efficient, they will solve your problem by hauling out the junk from anywhere on your property, inside or outside.

Here is how it works…


Call 303-777-4667 or Book Online

We will estimate your job costs, answer any of your questions and set up an appointment.


Free On-site Estimate!

Our uniformed Junkman crew arrives and provides a free final quote.


Junk Removal Time!

The ‘Superheroes of Junk’ load all of your unwanted items from anywhere on your property… inside or out!


Where does my Junk go?

Junkman works hard to recycle and/or donate as much of your material as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Junkman?
The King of Clean-ups! The Minister of Messes! The Sultan of Sanitation! The Chief of Trash! The Dean of Disposal! The Jordan of Junk! The Hulk of Hauling!

What does Junkman do?
We are a local junk removal company. Junkman Enterprises, Inc offers a fast and professional junk clean-up service for residential and commercial customers.

What types of material do you haul away?
Common Junk Jobs Include:

  • Old Furniture (couches, chairs, mattresses, tables, etc)
  • Yard / Garden Debris (branches, fencing, mulch, firewood, etc)
  • Construction / Renovation Debris (drywall, wood, cabinets, etc)
  • Appliances (washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, a/c units)
  • General Household Junk (basement / garage cleanouts, foreclosures, rentals and estates)
  • Office Clean-outs (office furniture and equipment)
  • Concrete / Bricks / Dirt / Sod (walkways, patios, landscaping)

Not So Common Junk Jobs Include:
Hot tubs, pianos, organs, car ports, motorcycles, snowmobiles, industrial machine, etc (We have taken a lot of weird and interesting stuff.)

What do you charge?
Pricing is based on the volume of the material to be hauled away. Estimates are given over the phone, and firm prices are given upon arrival when the Junkmen see the actual junk.

Are you insured?
Yes, Junkman carries General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, and Auto Insurance.

How big are your trucks?
Our trucks have large metal containers on the back of them which have a capacity of 15 cubic yards. They are 12 ft. long, 7 ft. wide and 5 ft. tall (equal to about 4 pick-up loads).

What areas do you provide the junk removal service?
We service the entire Denver metro area, Broomfield, Thornton, Northglenn, Westminster, Arvada, Wheatridge, Highlands, Lakewood, Aurora, Littleton, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Boulder, Parker, Castle Rock, and Golden!

How can I pay?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, checks with a valid driver’s license and cash.

Can Junkman haul my junk from 2 separate locations?
Yes, if the sites are less than 3 miles apart. If not, 2 separate appointments need to be made.

Do you take any hazardous materials?
No, Junkman does not haul hazardous materials.

Do you take paint?
Junkman can haul paint cans if they are empty or if the paint has completely dried up.

Does Junkman pick up items for free?
No, all prices are based on the volume of the material which you have.

Do I need to be on site to have the job done?
No, but the Junkmen need to have access to the junk and we need to be able to contact you to confirm a price when we see the junk.

What happens to my junk when you haul it away?
We either recycle it, donate it, or dump it. For instance, a lot of metal, paper, and cardboard gets recycled while some household items and furniture gets donated.

Why should I use your service instead of a dumpster?

  • Our (superhumanly!) strong Junkmen do all the loading and cleanup work for you.
  • You pay for just the volume of your material and not the volume of the entire dumpster.
  • We get in and out of there in a flash while dumpsters sit around for a while.
  • You might have trouble fitting some junk into smaller (3-6 cubic yd) dumpsters while our larger container can handle it and you still only pay for the volume of your material.

What tools do the Junkmen bring?
We bring rakes, shovels, brooms, sledge hammers, a dolly, and garbage cans to load smaller material.

Why can’t I get a firm price over the phone?
Pricing is based on the volume of your junk. We will give you an estimate or general price range over the phone. When we actually see the junk, we will give you a firm price.


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