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As a kid growing up in Denver, Blart Bent never liked to take out the trash. The smell and dripping bags disgusted him! At night, the dumpster area in the alley was a dark, scary and smelly place. Blart always dreaded that long walk to the dumpster…

One evening after dinner, while straining to lift a heavy trash bag into the dumpster, some bigger kids saw Blart struggling and began heckling him. With a mocking, ‘Let me help you with that, Blart’, two of the bullies lifted Blart directly into the dumpster!

The bullies ran off and Blart was left wallowing in a sea of junk. Panic set in. Blart was hyperventilating. He slowly recessed into the depths of his psyche to escape the junk which was encompassing him. Time and space faded away and in a rebirth of sorts, JUNKMAN was born!

Now Junkman embraces junk of all varieties. This superhero of trash sees the potential in junk. Tirelessly, Junkman de-clutters citizens’ lives while recycling and donating as much junk as possible! HURRAY!

What Sets Us Apart

It really comes down to customer service. From your initial call or email to the removal of your unwanted junk, we want your experience with us to be as seamless as possible. We want to ‘WOW’ you with our professionalism and our attention to your specific job needs.

Donating and Recycling

Junkman is also committed to the environment. We are proud and determined to recycle and/or donate as much material as possible. Before being ‘Green’ was fashionable, Junkman was donating and recycling a lot of the junk that we hauled away. It just makes environmental and business sense.



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