Garbage and Trash Removal Solutions

3 Things You Need to Know About Junk Removal in Denver:

  1. Experience & Trust Matter
  2. Local Prices vs ‘1-800’ Prices
  3. Responsible Recycling and Disposal

Professional Crews:
You want a hauling company which has done it before and therefore all the different junk removal jobs become routine even the weird and difficult ones. From hot tubs and trampolines to office cleanouts and e-waste, Junkman has hauled it all…many times over. Over the course of 10 years in Denver, we have developed techniques to best handle different types of junk. You point it out and we haul it away. Easy.

You want a junk removal company which you can trust. Junkman crews will come inside your home to remove pretty much anything, including furniture and appliances. Our crews are well trained, uniformed, courteous and professional. They will describe how they will remove your items and answer any of your questions prior to doing any work. Of course, Junkman Enterprises, Inc is fully insured to work in homes and office buildings and we have been BBB members for 7 years with an A+ rating.

Why pay more?
Junkman has lower rates than our ‘1-800’ competitors. This means that we will remove more of your unwanted junk for less money. Also, we have no hidden costs. Junkman does not charge extra for labor, cleanup or disposal of your junk. When we get on site, we give you a final estimate on your junk removal job. There are no surprises and no unexplained extra charges.

What happens to your stuff?
Junkman believes that diverting as much material as possible from the landfills is important. That being said, we recycle and donate much of what we pick up. For example, tv’s and computers go to Metech, a local electronics recycler. Clean dirt and concrete gets recycled at Oxford Recycling and A1 Organics. Also, metals and cardboard gets recycled. As for furniture and general household items which are in good condition, Junkman makes donations to Goodwill or ARC. Finally, no appliances end up in a landfill. All appliances are recycled.